Beautiful Large Still Life Watercolour Of Fruit By Anouschka Hutton


Beautiful Large Still Life Watercolour Of Fruit By Anouschka Hutton


Anouschka has always painted. She is the youngest grand daughter of the benefactor, Mikhail Braikevitch, who donated his collection of Russian paintings of the Ballet Russes to The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, where it can still be seen today. She trained at Leicester and Birmingham Colleges of Art and Design. She worked at the Open University, also helping to set up the fledgling Media Department there and at Martin Cadbury Printing Company. Later she set up a theme company, Desired Effect, which decorated London Hotels for prestigious corporate functions. Thus she moved from book-sized graphics to vast band backdrops measuring 12 metres long by 8 metres high. Having sold the company, she now paints on a smaller scale.


Anouschka is a contemporary landscape painter. Her paintings relay her emotions about a particular place. Her seascapes document the embodiment of an experience in paint. An evocation of nature. She delights in the inexhaustible invention of nature, the imperfections, the twists and turns. She has a small house in south west Cornwall and spends time walking the mining hills and beaches. There are vast sandy beaches that are pounded unmercifully by the weather in the winter and are sublime in the summer. She loves the forces of nature and their unpredictability. She captures this in her colourful seascapes.
When the winter descends the light for painting is bad so Anouschka turns to making metal sculptures. She collects beautiful discarded antique metal pieces and with them fashions fantasy flying ships. Since childhood dreams of flying by launching into the air from the plum tree in the garden, the idea of self propelled flying has been a fascination.

Sky ships sail through clouds: flying ships have always been a symbol of challenge, an excuse for an adventure, an invitation to face the unknown. They are an escape from our mundane lives, a way to travel when sleeping!!

Anouschka has been a member for twenty years and chairwoman for four years of the professional group, Teddington Artists.

Lovely vibrant piece of artwork for the home

The frame measures approx 77 x 99cm

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