Stunning Original Oil Painting Of Tiger Cubs By The Spanish Artist Silvia Duran


Stunning Original Oil Painting Of Tiger Cubs By The Spanish Artist Silvia Duran.

Spanish born Silvia Duran, studied art with her father and in Bellas Artes de Barcelona, In England, an A level in Art and a City and Guilds Certificate, she enjoyed painting London, the RiverThames, St Pauls, etc. and the beautiful English Countryside. Her life and work changed forever the day she saw the film ‘Born Free’. She knew then that she wanted to paint the Big Cats and specialised in these magnificent felines.
She was allowed into the Wildlife Parks to sketch and study the animals at close quarters. Many Exhibitions followed, in London, throughout England and abroad. Her works have been widely printed by Solomon and Whitehead, Rosenstiels, Medici Fine Arts, etc. Travelling to Africa to see Lions in their natural habitat, later was invited by the legendary George Adamson to stay at his ‘Kampi Ya Simba’ at Kora. That was the most incredible experience of her life ... .
She produced paintings for the WWF, Born Free Foundation, Kora Trust Wildlife Foundation and others to help the animals.
Invited by His Excellency Sheik Khalifa Bin Sulman Alkhalifa, Prime Minister of Bahrain to have an Exhibition, her style of work changed.

The beautiful island of Bahrain .... with its stunningly bright light, intense vibrant colours, flowers, palaces, desert sand and turquoise seas.... opened a whole new world of fantasy for Silvia and from her canvases began to emerge white winged Lions, and Tigers.... opulently coloured Peacocks, Unicorns.... and dolphins ... crystals, pearls and gold. A new fabulous Universe.
Silvia´s home near the sea, is graced by the presence of her large family of cats, which are an endless source of inspiration and pleasure

Mounted in a frame which compliments the painting and measures approx 90 x 65 cm

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