Original Jim Gilbert Watercolour Who Was Hailed as the ‘London Lowry’


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Original Jim Gilbert Watercolour Who Was Hailed as the ‘London Lowry’.

Depicts a mother sat with her child. On the reverse is written in pencil, James B Gilbert, Sent to me in a letter from Wakefield prison Feb 73

Born in the East End, Jim Gilbert was a prison artist, despite spending much of his adult life in prison, was hailed as the London Lowry’

Artist and Law-Breaker Jim Gilbert

The artist law-beaker, Jim Gilbert (1933-1995) grew up in the East End of London and was dishonourably discharged from National Service, aged 21. He was a big, powerful man who spent years in jail for crimes ranging from drug smuggling to robbery.

Confined in the 1960s, he began painting as a form of therapy. Many of his figure paintings, in the well observed style of say, Peter Howson, are worked with a sombre, narrow palette and reflect, in a self-reflective and isolated way, his harsh life experiences.

In 1972, Gilbert had his first show in Bath. He received the Arthur Koestler Award for Prisoner Art and in 1973 was chosen by The Dylan Thomas Society to paint a portrait of the Thomas for presentation to US President Jimmy Carter.

I’ve provided a photo of what it might look like framed and displayed on the wall but it will come just as it is in the other photos

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