Animal Biology by AJ Grove and GE Newell, 7th edition, 1966, published by University Tutorial Press Ltd. London


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Animal Biology by AJ Grove and GE Newell, 7th edition, 1966, published by University Tutorial Press Ltd. London. Hardback, 911 pages

This vintage science hardback is illustrated throughout with black and white diagrams and drawings.

In good condition for age with just a mark to cover. Please see photos

Contents (Section titles):


The Cell and Cell Cycle

The Principles Upon Which Animals are Classified - Taxonomy

Lowly Animals - Protozoa

The Many-Celled Animals - Metazoa

The Two-Layered Animals - Diploblastica (Coelentera)

The Three-Layered Animals - Triploblastica

The Flatworms - Platyhelminthes

Roundworms - Nematoda


The Coelomate Animals

The Segmented Worms - Annelida

The Jointed Limbed Animals (Arthorpoda)


The Chordate Animals

Simple Chordate Animals - Acrania

The Vertebrate Animals - Craniata

The Germ-Cells - Gametogenesis

The Development of the Vertebrates - Chordate Embryology


The Interrelations and Origins of Animals - Organic Evolution


The Main Groups of Animals

Selected Further Reading

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