Fabulous Original Watercolour by the Renowned Artist George Cattermole Depicting Charles 1st Civil War Soldiers


Fabulous George Cattermole Watercolour Painting Of Men From Civil War era

The frame measures approximately 56cm x 45cm

Monogrammed bottom left

George Cattermole:
1800-1868 English painter and illustrator, chiefly in watercolour. Born in the village of Dickleworth near Diss, in Norfolk, he was a friend of Charles Dickens and many other literary and artistic figures. He became the foremost historical watercolour painter, recreating the medieval, Elizabethan and 17th-century past. The intimate history pictures of Richard Parkes Bonington were undoubtedly influential, while Cattermole's bold and loose handling of watercolour owed much to David Cox, an admirer of his work. As an illustrator, his works included The Great Civil War of Charles I and Parliament (written by his brother Richard and published in two volumes in 1841 and 1855) and Evenings at Haddon Hall (1846).

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