Fabulous John McCaskill (Jomac) ‘Structures’ Suicide Print Titled Sugar Gears.


Fabulous John McCaskill (Jomac) ‘Structures’ Suicide Print Titled Sugar Gears.

To create his original prints, McCaskill systematically destroys the woodblock that produced them. This reductive method of print making is sometimes called ‘suicide’ or ‘waste block’ printing and involves using a single block of wood or linoleum. After each colour is printed the block is carved to eliminate the colour from being reprinted. This process continues until only the last colour remains and the block is destroyed. Due to the extreme reduction of the woodblock through the printing process, it is impossible to undo any mistakes, making each decision, cut or print final. This ensures that each original work of art is truly one of a kind and impossible to replicate.

This is from the series of ‘Structures’ by John McCaskill and depicts Sugarcane Processing Gears, dated 2016

The frame measures approx 85 x 65cm so quite a substantial piece of art for the home or office.

Similar suicide print sold direct by the artist is on sale for $1,150.00

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